Education opportunities

Education is an important and constantly expanding resource of WMDA. Our eLearning programs offer a variety of opportunities for people working in the field of haematopoietic stem cell transplantation to expand their knowledge by participating in any of these online programs. When will you join one of our e-learning courses?

WMDA/EBMT Basic Level Course

If you start to work in the field of blood stem cell transplantation and would like to learn more about the terminology and the field we recommend to sign up for the Basis Level course. This programme was primarily developed for search coordinators, and it has been proven to be very valuable for everyone who just started to work in the field to gather some basic knowledge and for people with diverse backgrounds, like laboratory technicians, nurses, physicians, or people working in a donor centre or donor registry. The 9-month programme consists of nine online lectures, every three weeks. Students from the last two study years rated our course with on average an 8,7.

Are you interested? The course starts twice a year (January and October) and it is possible to do the whole training course or to sign up for separate modules only. The next course will start in October 2019. The accelerated version only starts in January and has a lecture every two weeks, with the final exam in June.

Also check out our new Donor Coordinator Packages.

NEW: Donor Coordinator Packages

Basic Level Course

WMDA/EBMT Advanced Level Course

Are you a health care professional involved in the selection of unrelated stem cell donors or cord blood units and would you like to enlarge your understanding and knowledge? Our Advanced level course might be a great opportunity to expand your knowledge. Last year, our students rated this course with an 8,9 and on a scale of 1-10, they rated the course with a 9,1 for being valuable for their daily work. Are you also interested? The course starts once a year, in October. You can sign up for the course starting in October 2019. Find more information about this course and register yourself now.

Advanced Level Course

WMDA/EBMT Continuing Education

If you would like to stay up-to-date as a search coordinator or as a healthcare professional working in the field of hematopoietic stem cell transplantation and stem cell donation, you can sign up for the continuing education. Interested? The first edition of this course starts in May 2019. Find more information about this course and register yourself now.

Continuing  Education

WMDA Reviewers Training  Programme

This unique programme is developed to get trained in the WMDA Standards and the WMDA Accreditation Programme. The programme is divided in sixteen modules, where all aspects of the WMDA Accreditation Programme are presented. New potential WMDA reviewers, but also staff preparing for WMDA Accreditation or Qualification are welcome to sign up. Interested? You can start the course at any moment. Find more information about this course and register yourself now!

WMDA Reviewers Training Programme

FACT Allied Learning Center

The WMDA supports the centralised resource to quickly and easily obtain online modules applicable for cord blood operations. All potential training opportunities are visible in the FACT Allied Learning Center.