WMDA Reviewers Training Programme

Why and for whom has WMDA developed a WMDA Reviewers’ Training Programme?

If your organisation is planning to prepare an application for WMDA qualification or accreditation, we recommend to sign up for the WMDA Reviewers Training Programme. The programme gives tips and tricks on how to prepare an application. This will reduce time, in the process of preparing an application.

WMDA is looking for enthusiastic professionals who want to become a reviewer. If you have experience with registry operations, you can join the WMDA reviewers team. A first step to become a reviewer is to become a trainee reviewer, the WMDA Reviewer Training Programme prepares you to become a trained reviewer. As WMDA reviewer, you will receive professional and personal benefits.

You would like to learn more about the WMDA accreditation programme? The WMDA Reviewers Training Programme is a good opportunity to get to know WMDA and its accreditation programme.


What is the WMDA Reviewers Training Programme?

The initial training is completion of 16 web-based learning modules.  Each module consists of documentation that the student should read and get familiar with. After successful completion of the module test, the student will receive credit for that module. Additional training will occur through review of applications and an on-site audit in the company of experienced reviewers. Reviewers are also expected to participate in continuing education.

  • Structured consecutive programme of 16 training modules.
  • Programme regularly updated with new WMDA Standards

The programme covers in 16 modules:

  • WMDA Standards;
  • WMDA Accreditation;
  • WMDA Qualification;
  • Accreditation Policies and Procedures;
  • On-site Audits.

For staff members of WMDA provisional member or regular members the programme is for free. If you are not a WMDA member, the price is: € 125.

How can you apply to join the WMDA Reviewers Training Programme?

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