How to get advice on searches

Search advice for transplant physicians and search coordinators

While the search for a suitable matched donor can be straightforward with many potential donors listed, for some patients the search is more complicated. In these cases, transplant physicians and search coordinators can request search advice from WMDA search consultants, who can help to determine the most appropriate search strategy and provide in-depth advice.

Requesting search advice

You can only request search advice if your patient is registered with the Search & Match Service. If the patient is not yet registered, log in to the Search & Match Service, click on ‘Add patient’, enter the patient’s information and save it. To request search advice, click on the patient ID in your patient list and the ‘Update patient’ page will open. Click on the ‘Request Search Advisory’ button at the bottom of the page and an email message will pop up. Please complete the missing fields in this email and send the message. A WMDA search consultant will respond as soon as possible.