Governance: Quality & Certification Body

Pillar Ensuring Quality

Activities of WMDA focuses around four Pillars that represent the four aims of the WMDA. The Pillar ‘Ensuring Quality’ is focused on enhancing and monitoring the quality of worldwide registry operations and cord blood banking. This includes the recruitment of potential volunteer donors of haematopoietic stem cells, the search for an optimal unrelated donor for a patient, and the procurement and transport of haematopoietic stem cells to a patient. The goal is to encourage WMDA members to seek and achieve WMDA registry accreditation and/or NetCord-FACT accreditation.

The Pillar includes:

Three committees within the WMDA Certification Body, WMDA Standards Committee, WMDA Accreditation Committee, and WMDA Accreditation Steering Committee. These three committees report directly to the Board but remain in this Pillar in order to facilitate the exchange information on quality with the Pillar working group.


Certification Body

The aims of the Certification Body are to:

  • Promote harmony between worldwide stem cell donor registries and cord blood banks
  • Encourage uniformity of practice based on WMDA Standards
  • Administer the WMDA accreditation programme.