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WMDA Finance & Activities Report 2020

Annually, WMDA brings out a report to inform about the finance and activities done by the committees and working groups in the previous year. It is an Association Bulletin and provides a good overview of all WMDA activities.

Link to download the WMDA Finance & Activities Report 2020


WMDA Global Trends Report 2020

Since 1997, WMDA monitors the worldwide activity of stem cell donor registries and cord blood banks. The results are summarized in a unique report which reflects the global stage of unrelated stem cell transplantation, like the number of donors and cord blood units listed worldwide and numbers of donations provided internationally and to which countries. You can contact the WMDA office for more details.

Link to the summary report

Link to the report*

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S(P)EAR annual reports

WMDA has set up a central global reporting system for WMDA member organisations to report Serious (Product) Events and Adverse Reactions – S(P)EARs – to the WMDA.

In the S(P)EAR annual report, the World Marrow Donor Association (WMDA) presents an overview of all Serious (Product) Events and Adverse Reactions –S(P)EARs [in relation to blood stem cell donation by unrelated donors, blood stem cell collection/processing from unrelated donors, or in relation to other cellular donation from such a donor to the original recipient] that have been reported in the previous year.


Link to the report

*available for WMDA members

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