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By supporting WMDA, you’re helping to give people a second chance of life.

Every 14 minutes, a person worldwide is diagnosed with blood cancer, facing a critical need for a stem cell transplant. The recent challenges have led to a significant shortfall in our resources, impacting our ability to ensure timely lifesaving transplants. Your Support Matters Now More Than Ever!

By supporting WMDA, you play a vital role in providing people with a second chance at life. Without your contribution, there is no cure.

Here’s How Your Support Can Make a Difference:

  • Advocate for Change: Press governments to enact policies that make stem cell donation and transplantation safe, effective, affordable, and available.
  • Educate Healthcare Providers: Equip future healthcare providers with knowledge about stem cell donation and guide them in finding the best suitable stem cell sources.
  • Innovate Communication: Develop solutions to streamline communication between international organisations, ensuring a swift and efficient process.
  • Accelerate Practices: Support organisational practices that expedite the provision of stem cells to patients, minimizing delays.
  • Global Mobilization: Mobilize organisations worldwide, especially in developing countries, to establish efficient structures for donor recruitment.
  • Raise Awareness: Join us in raising awareness about stem cell donation and supporting World Marrow Donor Day.

Without you, there is no cure.

WMDA Relies on Your Support!

To continue our life-saving research in blood and marrow transplantation and cellular therapies, we need your support. While we appreciate the backing from corporate and government supporters, private contributions are crucial for sustaining our work.

How to Make a Difference:

If you’re ready to make an impact, consider making an online donation or reaching out via email to our Fundraising & Communication Coordinator at [Rhian.Voskamp@wmda.info].

WMDA is registered as an ANBI organization in the Netherlands and officially recognized by tax authorities.

Empower Second Chances – Support WMDA Today!