Cord blood & other cell therapies

Understanding Cord Blood

Cord blood, a special and precious source of blood stem cells, is collected without causing harm to the mother or baby. This unique substance can be frozen and stored for future use in blood stem cell transplants. Cord blood is particularly beneficial for patients who struggle to find a suitable adult donor or require a swift transplant, notably infants, children, and, in specific situations, adults.

Potential Beyond Transplants: Cord blood stem cells are under exploration for their potential applications in regenerative medicine. Ongoing research is investigating their use in treating conditions like cerebral palsy, autism, and type 1 diabetes. Although these studies are in early stages, the prospects are promising and hold the potential to significantly enhance the lives of many individuals.

Pregnant and Interested in Donating? If you are pregnant and intrigued by the possibility of contributing your baby’s cord blood, consult your healthcare provider for detailed information. Your decision to donate could play a crucial role in supporting medical advancements and helping those in need of life-saving treatments.

Exploring Cord Blood and WMDA's role