Vacancies at WMDA

Why working for WMDA?

From our side we feel that it is important that the basic principles are organised:

  • You are able to execute your job and tasks
  • You can develop
  • You are always find a colleague in case you have questions

Despite the basic principles there are a few issues that we would like to highlight:

  1. Working with WMDA is good for your career: WMDA is a global organisation, well-respected by hospitals around the world. This is already positive for your CV. The brand WMDA stands for realibility. Furher you will learn a lot from your colleagues and the way how we are operating.
  2. Meaningful: the services of WMDA provides you insight in social issues. It helps you to find the answer on what could be the best approach. With your work you can help more patients find their best possible match for their transplant.
  3. Varied: our members are from all over the world and have different professional backgrounds. Only this context makes your work attractive. Further there is a lot of space to bring in your own initiatives: how we grow and develop is because of you.
  4. Interesting: If you love technical developments, you are at the right address. Innovation in healthcare starts here. As WMDA employee oyou are the first one knowing the trends in international healthcare.
  5. Cosy: We are enthusiastic on the power of our platform and we are dedicated to each other. This combination makes that you will be energized from collaborating.

One thing is for sure: you will not be bored working with WMDA.

You would like to know more about working with WMDA? Please mail to HR @ or apply on one of the positions below:

Join us as Full Stack Software Developer. Find the full vacancy here.

Join us as Senior Financial Administrator. Find the full vacancy here.

Join us as Business Developer – Social impact. Find the full vacancy here.