What we do

Our vision

Patients worldwide have equal access to high-quality cells for transplantation from donors whose rights and safety are protected.

Our mission

WMDA promotes global collaboration and the sharing of best practices between its members for the benefit of stem cell donors and patients.

Our aims

  • Optimising ‘Search, Match & Connect’: Provide a global platform that facilitates access to the most suitable stem cell source for a transplant patient;
  • Supporting global development: Support members to develop and grow, so that more transplant patients find the most suitable match;
  • Promoting donor care: Assure that the rights and safety of stem cell donors are promoted and protected;
  • Ensuring quality: Promote product quality and global collaboration through accreditation and standardisation.



In pursuing this mission, WMDA acts exclusively in the interest of donors voluntarily donating their haematopoietic (blood-forming) stem cells to patients in need of a transplant. WMDA is bound by core values of independence, integrity and transparency. To ensure these interests, WMDA has several instruments in place:

  • Statutes: The association’s independence is assured through its bylaws which state that its members are registries, responsible for the international provision of hematopoietic stem cells and healthcare professionals with an active interest in hematopoietic stem cell donation.
  • Remuneration: WMDA board members are appointed on a voluntar base. The WMDA staff members are paid according to the CAO Academische Ziekenhuizen.
  • Disclosure policy: Members of the Board, committees, working groups, and the staff of WMDA are obliged to declare any conflict of interest that they may have and they work voluntary for the association.
  • Impartiality Oversight: Impartiality Officers provide a mechanism to minimize the risk of conflict between the interests of WMDA and other interests (e.g., commercial interests).
  • Congress and education: For all WMDA congresses and education programmes, WMDA ensures the independence of the organiser, the topic selection, the speaker selection, and the educational materials. This is assured by having installed autonomous working groups and committees that ensure that all educational content is original, up-to-date, and relevant for participants of the meeting or students of the programme
  • Transparency: WMDA publishes an annual report annually.
  • The WMDA activities are clearly distinguished from commercially organised activities. Commercial companies are only allowed to provide unrestricted grants for a WMDA activity. These and accompanying social events will not compete with, nor take priority over, the WMDA sessions. Educational sessions will be held apart from commercially organised activities or sessions.