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Sharing life – inspiring stories of transplant patients and their lifesaving heroes

This book is about heroes donors who have donated their bone marrow or blood stem cells to save a stranger’s life. Behind the scenes, there are amazing people who play an unseen but vital role in the journey these cells make from the donor to a patient: medical personnel, search coordinators, donor recruiters and couriers. Let your mind be opened and your heart touched as you read this collection of true stories about people who care, who have reached across boundaries of nationality, ethnicity and geography to make a real difference to the lives of patients in need.

“Everybody can be diagnosed with blood cancer. But on the other hand, everyone can also help. Whoever joins a stem cell register can become a lifesaver one day! The WMDA, therefore, accomplishes a very important job. Which is why I support the worldwide fight against the disease! One thing is for sure: We can only defeat blood cancer together.” Jérôme Boateng – World Soccer Champion and Ambassador of DKMS Soccer Project

English edition 2015.
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A gift for life – the essential WMDA handbook for stem cell donor & cord blood banks

Since the first successful unrelated bone marrow transplant in 1973, over 400,000 unrelated blood stem cell transplants have been performed worldwide. This would not have been possible without the existence of blood stem cell organisations in many countries. Still, not all patients in need of a blood stem cell transplant are able to find a suitable donor or cord blood unit even today, which motivates people to start up new registries or cord blood banks in countries which do not have one yet. WMDA has developed a handbook which guides new organisations on how to set up a registry or cord blood bank. As WMDA member, you will get free access to the digital version of the WMDA Handbook.

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Un regalo para la vida – WMDA manual para la donación de celules madre sanguineas

For Spanish speaking colleagues, the first edition of the WMDA handbook available in Spanish. Order your free PDF version of this book by sending an e-mail to the WMDA office. Spanish edition 2014.

WMDA scientific publications and recommendations

Since 1992 WMDA has published several publications and recommendations in order to promote international collaboration, information exchange and best practices in stem cell provision. You can see a complete list of the WMDA publications published in scientific journals and WMDA recommendations made by the WMDA working groups.