Improved Null allele handling by the Atlas matching engine

In the first versions of Atlas, any comparison of a Null allele to expressed typing would immediately be graded as Mismatch.

The discrepancy between matching and scoring results was deemed confusing by end-users and has been resolved with a new and improved way of Null allele handling by Atlas.


Matching is performed at the P-group level by Atlas. If one position at a locus contains a Null allele, then only the P-group(s) of the expressed typing will be considered and the locus will be treated as homozygous for the expressing P-groups.

A*03:01,01:11N will be treated as A*03:01P,03:01P. Therefore, this typing would be assigned a match count of 2 when compared to another typing with the same pair of P-groups, such as A*03:01,03:01, A*03:20,03:112, and A*03:411,02:43N.

MAC Interpretation

Null alleles present in the decoded/expanded allele string of a MAC are not considered when matching or scoring.

To learn more about the technical handling of Null alleles by Atlas, please visit this link.
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