International Meetings & Conferences

WMDA meetings offer a great opportunity to connect with other members and learn about all aspects of registry operations and cord blood banking.

WMDA International Donor Registry Conference (IDRC)

Held every two years, the International Donor Registry Conference (IDRC) and WMDA Working Group Meetings is a must for international experts in stem cell transplantation. The event is an opportunity to bring together representatives of stem cell donor registries and umbilical cord banks worldwide.  The IDRC offering the chance to meet and network with partners from different organisations over four days.



Upcoming international meetings and conferences:

10 -17 September 2020
Cord Blood Connect Virtual Meeting

Cord Blood Connect will be webcast live for morning and afternoon viewing in the Western Hemisphere, and afternoon and evening viewing in Europe and Africa. Sessions will be focused for the following topics:

  • the latest advances and game changers in cord blood transplantation
  • COVID-19 impact on banking and opportunities for treatment
  • ways in which registries are expanding donor availability and access
  • regenerative medicine and immunotherapies
  • gene therapy with emphasis on sickle cell disease
  • birthing tissues as a platform for cellular therapies
  • the status of mesenchymal cell technology and clinical trials
  • cord blood and tissue banking ethics, legislation and regulation
  • diversity in cord blood collections, transplants, family banking and rare diseases