Governance: ‘Search, Match & Connect’

The leadership of the pillar is composed of the chairs of the following committees and the chair of the User Group:

  • Bioinformatics & Innovation Committee validates bioinformatics methods and tools for HLA analysis, provides bioinformatics resources and advices on the development of donor-patient matching
  • Security & Privacy Committee ensures that personal and healthcare data remains appropriately secure and private and in conformance with the standards provided by the appropriate regulatory bodies
  • Data Dictionary & Data Quality Committee defines the data dictionary to be used for international exchange of data
  • Search, Match & Connect User Group: monitors and develops the Search & Match Service of WMDA
  • Steering Committee: oversees and monitors the development of the Search & Match application, ensuring that European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is followed, quality of matching ensured, data fields are defined in a correct way, and requirements of the implementation requested by users are taken into account.