Governance: Donor Care

The leadership of the pillar Donor Care is composed of the chairs of the following committees and chair & chair-elect of the following working group:

  • The Working Group Medical aims to be an international resource for donor centres, collection centres, donor registries and transplant centres on all medical and ethical issues pertaining to blood cell donation, donor safety, donor outcome and the impact of donor factors on patient outcome.
  • The SPEAR Committee analyses information on donor and recipient Serious Adverse Events and Serious Adverse Reactions.
  • The Donor Medical Suitability Committee is responsible for recommendations concerning criteria to qualify unrelated stem cell donors.
  • The Cellular Therapy Committee is working on the following topics:

    • Can and should the WMDA play a role in safeguarding the safety and equity of access for donors and patients?
    • What expertise and capacity does WMDA need, to play a role in this landscape?
    • What ethical issues are raised by changing the role of stem cell donors?
    • How should WMDA’s donor protection and safety standards be applied in this emerging landscape?
    • How to collaborate with the different stakeholders (CIBMTR, EBMT, national authorities and commercial companies)?