Donor care in novel therapies

Novel applications push the lines between regulatory frameworks and borderline issues. The time is now to shape the regulatory environment and highlight donor issues in this emerging sector.
Therefore, the WMDA has set up a cellular therapy committee.

Focus of cellular therapy committee
  • Identifying the role WMDA can play in safeguarding the safety and equity of access for donors and patients
  • Addressing current issues, such as ethical dilemmas, that are raised by changing the role of stem cell donors
  • Ensuring WMDA’s donor protection and safety standards are aligned with developments in this emerging landscape
  • Establishing a collaborative space facilitate dialogues with different stakeholders
Aim of the cellular therapy committee

By engaging with relevant stakeholders in cell therapy, such as registry representatives, academics, researchers and manufacturers, the committee aims to gain insight to the CT environment and what issues the WMDA may be able to support on.

The cellular therapy committee aims to provide a roadmap for the WMDA’s developing role which will reflect the opportunities and risks in the novel cell therapy sector as well as reflecting the insight gathered from the membership on how to add value in the sector.

The approach is incremental and can evolve over time to reflect the environment and the lessons and insight from delivery.

Find out more
  • View the cellular therapy committee working space on WMDA Share