Learn about Ensuring Quality

There are several opportunities to become more familiar with the WMDA pillar Ensuring Quality.

Ensuring Quality projects 

The Working Group Quality & Regulation is a very active group that looks at a long list of projects related to quality and regulation in exchange of haematopoietic stem cells.

You can actively participate in the group’s projects, and may also attend the open meetings to learn from others about the projects they have worked on. WMDA members can easily join by sending an e-mail to the WMDA office. Overview of all ongoing and finished projects of the pillar Ensuring Quality is available on the WMDA membership website.

Go to share.wmda.info

Become a WMDA reviewer

WMDA is looking for enthusiastic professionals who want to become reviewers. There are many benefits to becoming a reviewer:

  • you will help organisations to give patients the best possible care;
  • you will become an expert on WMDA Standards;
  • you will learn new practices and operations from other organisations;
  • you can share knowledge and expertise with others;
  • you will become part of a network of colleagues;
  • you will discover a variety of ways to meet WMDA Standards;
  • you will be able to reflect on your own organisation’s practices;
  • you will travel internationally for onsite audits; and
  • you will learn how to use online tools and resources created for reviewers.

Applicants who wish to become a reviewer must meet certain criteria and be approved by the Accreditation Steering Committee. Once you are accepted as a reviewer, you will have to complete the online training programme within six months. Next, you will be required to participate as a trainee in a document review for a WMDA certification, qualification or WMDA accreditation application. The final step will be for you to perform an onsite (or remote) audit with an experienced reviewer.

After becoming a trained reviewer, you will be asked to assist in one to two reviews a year and will also have to complete online training once a year. Interested? Contact WMDA office and ask for the details.

Apply here


Online WMDA Reviewers Training Programme

The best way to learn more about WMDA accreditation is to sign up for the WMDA reviewers’ training programme. The programme consists of 16 modules, covering WMDA Standards, WMDA policies and procedures, and onsite inspection. You can do the training online, in your own time, and will be tested in a final exam at the end. You will receive a certificate if you pass the exam. Interested?

Go to education.wmda.info

Attend FACT webinars

The FACT office offers regular webinars to educate organisations on the NetCord-FACT standards. The webinars are organised and hosted by staff members from NetCord-accredited cord blood banks.
You can register for these on the FACT website.