Why gain NetCord-FACT accreditation?

Since 2000 the Foundation for the Accreditation of Cellular Therapy (FACT) has run an accreditation programme for cord blood banks in collaboration with the NetCord Foundation. The FACT accreditation programme is an opportunity for cord blood banks to show that they comply with internationally accepted standards.

Accreditation offers benefits for both participating organisations and their international partners:

  • Quality improvement: the processes within your organisation will be reviewed by external experts who are experienced in cord blood banking and quality management.
  • World market acceptance: national health authorities may adopt NetCord-FACT accreditation as an assurance of the quality of a cord blood unit.
  • Selection: transplant physicians are more confident when products come from a FACT-accredited cord blood bank.

WMDA took over the activities of NetCord Foundation on 1 January 2017. Since then, WMDA has worked with the FACT office to promote the accreditation programme among cord blood banks. The FACT website provides information about the application process for accreditation.