Why gain WMDA accreditation?

WMDA’s mission is to promote global collaboration and the sharing of best practices for the benefit of stem cell donors and transplant patients. The WMDA accreditation programme is an opportunity for organisations to show that they comply with internationally accepted standards and that they are committed to following WMDA Standards.

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Accreditation offers benefits for both participating organisations and their international partners:

  • Quality improvement: the processes within your organisation will be reviewed by external experts who are experienced in registry operations and in providing blood stem cell products internationally.
  • World market acceptance: national health authorities may adopt WMDA accreditation as an assurance of the quality of imported blood stem cells. Blood stem cell products from another country may comply with national requirements when originating from a WMDA accredited registry or cord blood bank.
  • Visibility in the global Search & Match Service: when physicians select a donor, donors from WMDA qualified and accredited registries are marked with the accreditation logo. This assures physicians that the donor is listed in an organisation that promotes the quality of procedures necessary to obtain, in the shortest possible time, the appropriate quality and quantity of blood stem cells.

To become WMDA certified, qualified or accredited, an organisation must be accepted as a WMDA regular member organisation. In 2003, WMDA developed a two-step process for achieving WMDA accreditation:

The first step is to become WMDA certified or WMDA qualified:

Here, a registry electronically submits a set of written documents that address crucial benchmark WMDA standards. To become WMDA qualified, an organisation must meet all benchmarked WMDA standards. The review will focus on the registry’s operations, i.e. how your registry has organised its processes. Trained volunteers then review the submission. After receiving its qualification certificate, an organisation is required to perform an internal self-evaluation every second year. In case the activity of the registry is too low to become WMDA qualified, the member organisation can apply for WMDA certification.

The second step is to become WMDA accredited:

Only WMDA qualified registries can apply for WMDA accreditation, between two and five years after receiving qualification. To become WMDA accredited, an organisation must meet all WMDA standards and ensure that each step between donor recruitment and donor follow-up after blood stem cell donation is carried out according to internationally accepted standards. Once WMDA accredited, a registry must apply for re-accreditation every four years. After receiving its accreditation certificate, an organisation is required to perform an internal self-evaluation every second year.