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Use the Search & Match Service to find the most suitable stem cell source for your patient.

Search & Match Service

Worldwide organisations

Find here the organisations that facilitate donations or store cord blood units for patients.

Worldwide Organisations

World Marrow Donor Day

Participate in the annual worldwide event to celebrate donors who stepped up to save someone's life.

World Marrow Donor Day

WMDA Share

Go to the WMDA member website to collaborate with and learn from others.

WMDA Share

WMDA is a community of professionals. The work of WMDA covers four areas.

Optimising ‘Search, Match & Connect’

WMDA provides a global environment that facilitates access to the most suitable stem cell source.

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Supporting Global Development

WMDA support members to develop and grow, so the that more transplant patients find the most suitable stem cell source.

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Promoting Donor Care

WMDA ensures that the rights and safety of stem cell donors are promoted and protected.

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Ensuring Quality

WMDA promotes product quality and global collaboration through accreditation and standardisation.

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Being the part of WMDA is being the part of international community, which sets the standards and regulations, to facilitate the best results in stem cell transplant recipients and best approach to bone marrow donors!

Tigran Torosian
DKMS Polska