Supporting Global Development

The WMDA functions as an influential association and as such, the Pillar Supporting Global Development has the following objectives at its core:

  1. Contribute to the availability, quality, safety and cost-effectiveness of the volunteer donors for patients in need of a transplant by developing and maintaining an efficient and strong collaboration amongst WMDA members.
  2. Assisting WMDA members in continually improving their performance, guided by scientific and ethical principles, ultimately benefiting the donors and patients they serve.
  3. Raising public and professional awareness about voluntary and non-remunerated donation through the organisation of an annual event known as World Marrow Donor Day.

To accomplish these goals, the leadership of this pillar actively supports WMDA members by promoting collaboration, engaging in regulatory affairs, advocating for best practices, and facilitating the exchange of information and knowledge. The pillar’s oversight is carried out by four committees:

  • Registry Operations & Regulation
  • Cord Blood Operations
  • Donor Recruitment & Retention
  • Education
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