Why become a donor?

Blood cancer can be cured by a blood stem cell, marrow or cord blood transplantation if a suitable donor can be found.  You could be the one match for them and give them a second chance at life. Becoming a donor is relatively easy and you will be joining the millions of donors already registered. Although there are already many donors, there is still a need for more because for 30% of patients we are not able to find a matched donor, especially for patients with mixed race or from ethnic minorities suitable donors are lacking.

How to become a donor?

There are several criteria that may affect your eligibility to become a donor.

  • Where you live: unfortunately, not every country has an established network for recruiting donors. You can see if your country has a network for donor recruitment on the map below.
  • Age: this depends on local regulations and policy in your country (most countries: 18-60 years old). Check your country’s registry website to see if you are allowed to register as a donor.
  • Health: if you have been diagnosed with a chronic disease or a blood disorder, you will not be eligible to donate. To determine this, you will be asked to fill in a donor health questionnaire.
  • Weight: most countries have weight criteria. In general, a BMI of no greater than 40kg/m2 is considered acceptable.

If you meet the criteria, you may register as a donor with one of the national organisations. Find out which organisation is active in your country and whether you are eligible to be a donor through the tool below.

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