Dr. Lisa S. Moussaoui – Behavioural insights for bone marrow and stem cell donation


Recording of the presentation, given by Dr. Lisa S. Moussaoui during the 13th International Donor Registry Conference in June 2023, Hanau, Germany.

In this presentation, Dr. Moussaoui presents a comparison between voluntary donation of  bone marrow, stem cells and blood from a behavioural perspective.

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Dr. Moussaoui is a researcher and lecturer in applied psychology at Geneva University.

She specializes in behavior change and conducts research on various topics related to health and sustainability.

Dr. Moussaoui has notably worked on blood donation and donor retention in collaboration with local blood donation centers.

She has also founded a company, Behavior Change Expertise, that provides consultancy to clients such as the state administration, to help them improve their campaigns and programs and measure impacts.