Jay Feinberg – Biobanking


Recording of the presentation, given by Jay Feinberg, Gift of Life Marrow Registry, during the 13th International Donor Registry Conference in June 2023, Hanau, Germany.

In this presentation, Jay covers all the aspects of biobanking, from advantages, disadvantages and challenges to practical use, regulatory considerations, selection strategies and other practicalities.

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Jay Feinberg, Founder and CEO, of Gift of Life Marrow Registry and President of Gift of Life Biologics, is a blood cancer survivor and unrelated bone marrow transplant recipient. His journey began in 1991 when he first met former WMDA president Dr. John Hansen and subsequently received his transplant at Fred Hutch in Seattle, WA.
Jay serves as CEO of the Gift of Life Marrow Registry and the Gift of Life Center for Cell and Gene Therapy. He is also President of Gift of Life Biologics – a subsidiary that collaborates with biopharmaceutical firms and research institutions developing next-generation cell and gene therapies. Jay serves on the Board of Directors of both organizations. He believes deeply about paying it forward, honoring the gift of a second chance at life he received from his heroic bone marrow donor, Becky.
Jay serves on the Bone Marrow Transplant Advisory Panel for the Florida Agency for Health Care Administration and is a member of BioFlorida, the Alliance for Regenerative Medicine, and the American Society of Gene and Cell Therapy. In addition to his academic degree, he is the recipient of an honorary doctorate from Yeshiva University, conferred in recognition of distinguished humanitarian service on behalf of the bone marrow transplant community, as well as numerous other honors and awards.
Jay is passionate about innovation that will change the paradigm. He has a bold, audacious vision of making cellular therapy equal opportunity, high availability, timely and uniform for every patient in need, and a world-class experience for every donor.