Dr. Jorieke Konijnenbelt-Peters – Stem cell collection strategies


Recording of the presentation, given by Dr. Jorieke Konijnenbelt-Peters, MD, PhD, during the 13th International Donor Registry Conference in June 2023, Hanau, Germany.

In this presentation, Dr. Konijnenbelt-Peters presents the stem cell collection strategy of the Dutch Registry, Matchis Foundation.

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Dr Jorieke Konijnenbelt-Peters, MD, PhD, is a donor physician at Matchis Foundation in the Netherlands. She gained a first Master’s degree in Biomedical Sciences, followed by a PhD focused on fundamental research in cell therapies for transplantation. Additionally, she obtained a second Master’s degree in Medicine.

After working in the field of internal medicine for several years, she transitioned to stem cell donor care at Matchis. Currently, she acts as team manager of Matchis Medical Services. Notably, donor healthcare has received official recognition as a medical specialty in the Netherlands, and Jorieke Konijnenbelt-Peters plays a significant role in the development of the specialized training program for this discipline.