NetCord-FACT Standards

The NetCord-FACT standards are evidence-based requirements set by international teams of world-renowned experts in the field of cord blood banking and are the cornerstone of the FACT accreditation program for cord blood banks. Based on the belief that quality care can only be achieved if both clinical and laboratory issues are addressed effectively, the NetCord-FACT standards are the only set of requirements that emphasise the clinical use of cellular therapy products collected and processed with rigorous controls.

NetCord-FACT standards are developed by consensus within committees made up of clinicians, scientists, technologists, and quality experts that span the entire continuum of cord blood banking.

The standards apply to cord blood banks that perform cord blood donor management and collection, processing, testing, cryopreservation, storage, listing, search, selection, reservation, release and distribution. The Standards are available to download from the FACT website.