Join WMDA today: Organisation

As a WMDA member, you have access to a community of over 1100 physicians and other healthcare professionals, and a membership entitles you to a variety of member benefits, which allow you to:

  • Network with — and learn from—the WMDA community
  • Professionalise your organisation
  • Stay on top of the latest developments
  • Get unlimited access to our global database, WMDA Search and Match Service, to find the best stem cell source for patients
  • Be actively involved in the WMDA community and your areas of interest
  • Support donor care and global development

Organisations that would like to start to list donors and/or cord blood units for international patients:

  1. WMDA Aspirant: a start-up for organisations that are in the process of starting up a registry to get access to the WMDA educational materials.
  2. WMDA Provisional membership: for all organisations that list their donors and/or cord blood product in the WMDA Search & Match Service directly, or through another member. Also for organisations that are otherwise engaged in the field of HCT and that want to be part of WMDA’s international community. Please note that Board Approval is required to obtain this membership.
  3. WMDA Regular membership: this is an upgrade of the Provisional membership, allowing organisation to nominate volunteers for official positions within WMDA and to vote. It also includes the option to apply for Qualification and Accreditation.

Transplant centres, donor centres, collection centres that would liek to have access to Search & Match Service:

  1. Access transplant centre basic: access for one staff member to Search & Match Service
  2. Access transplant centre premium: unlimited acccess to Search & Match Service for all staff members



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