Search & Match Service

WMDA is operating the Search & Match Service, which is a global database of life-saving donors and cord blood products. It provides a fast preliminary search facility to find the best possible stem cell source in the world for a patient in need of a blood stem cell transplant.

In a glance

  • The primary source of all hematopoietic stem cell donors and cord blood units worldwide.
  • Lists over 39 million donors and cord blood units from 55 countries.
  • Allows the opportunity to find a suitable cell source as quickly as possible by providing:
    • user-friendly interface and functionalities;
    • probability matching for each donor/cord; and
    • additional information on each donor and cord blood unit (if provided by the listing organisation).

Connect to the Search & Match Service, find out more:

  • How to search for potential matches; read here.
  • How to request permission to use data for research; read here.
  • How to list donors or cord blood units in the global database; read here.