How to search for potential matches

Access to the Search & Match Service is restricted to authorised users only. The service is primarily intended for use by professionals in the field of stem cell transplantation with in-depth knowledge of HLA, such as search coordinators and transplant physicians from transplant centres, national stem cell donor registries and cord blood banks.

The Search & Match Service is the best tool in the world for obtaining an overview of whether an unrelated donor exists for a patient in need of a stem cell transplant. The system is easy to use, and you can run the search while you discuss the options with your patient. If you are a search coordinator supporting a physician in identifying an unrelated donor, you can immediately give them an initial overview. You will have unlimited access to our matching programmes and can receive search advice from our HLA experts.

To gain access to the Search & Match Service, you must be either:

  • employed as a registry search coordinator by a regular or provisional WMDA member organisation; or
  • employed as a transplant centre coordinator or transplant physician who conducts searches on behalf of a transplant centre that has been approved by the local registry. If there is no local registry in your country, you can get access to the service if you demonstrate that you are working in a transplant centre that is performing transplants.

To gain access to the Search & Match Service, simply fill in the form [here]. You will receive an automatic email in which you are asked to create your password. You will receive an invoice from WMDA for the use of the Search & Match Service. Please let us know if you would like to connect through our web page and manually type the HLA of your patients or if you would like to connect electronically from your own system and send the HLA typings of your patients electronically to us for your search.

WMDA charges an annual fee for unlimited access to the service. Invoices are sent out in January. If you fail to pay within one month, your account will be closed. For organisations with more than three users, special arrangements can be made regarding fees.

For this annual fee, you will also get access to the membership area of WMDA Share. This means access to the electronic edition of the WMDA handbook, as well as to all (emergency) contact information from organisations listing donors and/or cord blood units.

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